Volvo B7RLE

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong Red Cross B7RLE (1 page)
Kowloon Motor Bus MCV bodied B7RLEs (10 pages)
Interior details of Kowloon Motor Bus MCV bodied B7RLEs (1 page)

New Hong Kong Bus Company Limited bodied B7RLEs (3 pages)

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation B7RLEs (1 page)
Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport B7RLEs (1 page)

Arriva Malta B7RLEs (1 page)
Assocjazzjoni Trasport Pubbliku B7RLEs (1 page)

SBS Transit B7RLE (1 page)
Sentosa B7RLEs (2 pages)

United Kingdom
Anglican B7RLEs (1 page)
Arriva B7RLEs (1 page)

First Group B7RLEs (2 pages)
Hedingham and District B7RLEs (1 page)
Lothian B7RLEs (1 page)
Redby Buses B7RLEs (1 page)
Reliance Motor Services B7RLEs (1 page)
Rossendale Transport Wright Eclipse bodied B7RLEs (1 page)
Transdev B7RLEs (3 pages)
Whitelaws B7RLEs (1 page)

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The Volvo B7RLE was an economic non-step bus chassis. The reason behind was a front part of standard low floor bus plus the rear part of ordinary B7R chassis. This started to be very popular in Australia since 2000s. In 2003, the B7RLE started to spread to Hong Kong, Singapore and Great Britain. All fitted with indigenous bodies.

Engine type: Volvo D7C
Brakes: disc (front), drum (rear)


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