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After Volvo has taken over Leyland, the name of Leyland has been retained until 1993. After that, production of all designs of Leyland except Olympian have been ceased because Olympian is a superb design and gained great sales in Great Britain and the Far East. The name has then been changed to "Volvo Olympian". This name appeared after the production line of Olympian was moved to Irvine, Scotland from Workington in 1993. Although the outlook has only been changed a little, some minor details have been changed. The alternator and other electrical components have been changed to Volvo's specifications, the Volvo B10M driving panel and steering wheel, the anti-locking braking system of Volvo's design and, most obviously, Volvo engines. The sub-pages only shows the 3-axled sub-types. The good sales of Olympians in the Far East also changed the British bus industry. In the past, vehicles sold to the Far East usually had a poor quality, or less comfort. But Olympian has changed the importance of Asian market. It has made the operators there gain some concept of high quality double decker service. The large orders have urged air-conditioning manufacturers, like Sutrak and Nippondenso, to build air-conditioning systems with high cooling power, which is quite reluctant to do in the past.

Volvo Olympian 10.3m (Singapore, United Kingdom)

Volvo Olympian 10.4m (Hong Kong)

Volvo Olympian 11.3m (Hong Kong)

Volvo Olympian 12m (Hong Kong, Singapore)

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