Iveco-Otoyol M23


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The M23 were widely used in urban and short interurban service. These buses were widely used in Turkey. In Uzbekistan, these buses were built and traded as Uzotoyol.

Length: 6280mm
Width: 2220mm
Height: 2750mm
Wheelbase: 3300mm
Front overhang: 980mm
Rear overhang: 2000mm
Turning radius: 6.3m
Height inside bus compartment: 1900mm
Tare weight: 4580kg
Gross vehicle weight: 6700kg
Front axle: I-type steel stamped beam
Front axle capacity: 2350kg
Rear axle: Iveco 4519 HD single reduction
Rear axle capacity: 4350kg
Engine type: Iveco 8040.25
Number of cylinders: 4
Displacement: 3.908 litres
Power: 85kW @ 2700 rpm
Torque: 353Nm @ 1400 rpm
Clutch: single dry plate with 12 inch outside diameter
Transmission: Iveco 2855.6 synchromesh
No. of gears: 6 forward and 1 reverse
Fuel tank capacity: 90 litres
Suspension: depended semi-elliptical leaf spring with anti-roll bar
Powered steering: Hydraulic booster ZF Hema 8037
Fuel consumption in city cycle: 18 litres / 100km
Working brakes: Hydro Vacuum booster front and rear drum type
Parking brakes: Pneumatically operated acting on rear wheels
Service brakes: air
Voltage: 24V
Battery: 2 x 12V 72Ah
Alternator: 55A
Starter: 3kW
Tyres: 7.5R x 16C 12PR 121/120J or 8.5R x17.5 Tubeless 121/120m
Maximum Speed: 105km/h
Gradeability: 29%


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