Scania K113CRB

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Hong Kong
Assoicated K113CRBs
(1 page)
Eternal East K113CRBs
(1 page)
Gogobus K113CRBs
(1 page)
Golden Trip Express Limited K113CRBs (1 page)
Guangzhou Hong Kong Coach Tour Services Limited K113CRBs
(1 page)
Hung Fai K113CRB
(1 page)
Kwoon Chung Motors Asia Aero bodied K113CRBs
(1 page)
Sun Bus K113CRBs (1 page)
The Motor Transport Company of Guangdong and Hong Kong K113CRBs
(1 page)
Trans-Island Limousine Yiyou bodied K113CRBs
(1 page)
Trans Island Limousine Jurutech bodied K113CRBs (2 pages)
Trans Island Limousine Irizar Century II bodied K113CRBs (1 page)
Wah Tung K113CRBs
(1 page)

Mutiara MTrans bodied K113CRBs
(1 page)

Arthur and John's
Irizar Century I bodied K113CRB (1 page)

K113CRBs in Singapore (1 page)

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The K113CRB is one of the best selling Scania model in Hong Kong during 1990s. Bodywork from Taiwan, Malaysia and Spain are generally used. A large portion of these buses are deployed to cross border service to China.


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