Founded in 1891, the Swedish brand Scania was the 4th largest bus manufacturer. Major products of this group include buses, trucks and industrial and marine engines. More than 1 million Scania commercial vehicles have been produced.

Hong Kong

The first buses were 2 China Motor Bus BR111DH Metropolitans in 1970s. The first coach orders were 3 Citybus PDC bodied K93CRB cross-border coaches in 1988. Then Wellcome Tourist, Associated Tours and Trans-Island Limousine also endorsed small orders in 1991 and 1992. Later, the K113CRB was put into the market. This brand started to gain recognition for luxury in the local coach market. A good number of K113CRBs and even the left-hand-drive K113CLBs are sold to various cross border coach operators, like Guangzhou Hong Kong, Eternal East, the Motor Transport Comapny of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Ananda Travel. It also entered the franchised bus field. Kowloon Motor Bus purchased 22 double-deck N113CRBs in early 1990s. When the 4-series was invented around 1997, a larger market share was gained in Hong Kong luxurious bus market. The most remarkable ones in the non-franchised bus market were two K124EB-6X2s of Kao Chun Travel, which received Ikarus EAG E99 DD bodywork in Hungary before shipping to Hong Kong. The majority of the buses were Irizar Century and Inter Century bodied K124IB4X2, K114IB4X2, K94IB4X2 and L94IB4X2. Park Island Transport Company Limited ordered two L94UB4X2s for use in a private housing development on an Island between Kowloon and Lantau. There was only one 4-series bus purchased by the franchised operators so far. Citybus acquired a K94UB6X2, bodied by Volgren in 2001.

In 2007, Kowloon Motor Bus purchased 2 K310UDs. In 2008, they purchased 30 K230UBs. In 2009, more orders for the two types were endorsed.


Singapore Bus Services started to use Scania buses when 1 BR112DH demonstrator (SBS7000E) was imported. It followed by 250 N113CRBs, 1 L94UB and 1100 K230UBs. Trans Island Bus Services purchased L113CRLs in 1990s. The private operators started the order for batches when K93CRBs were introduced in late 1980s. K113CRBs and L113CRBs were imported in 1990s. Then K94 and K124 coaches were once very popular for sightseeing and intercity use in early 2000s. Recently, K-series intercity double deck coaches similar to their Malaysian counterparts were introduced. Most private buses were fitted with bodies produced in Singapore or Malaysia.

Irizar PB bodied Scania K114IB 4X2 was awarded Coach of the Year 2004.

0 Series
Scania BR110 Metro Scania (United Kingdom)

1 Series
Scania BR111DH Metropolitan (United Kingdom)

2 Series
Scania BR112DH (United Kingdom)
Scania K112CL
Scania K112CRB
Scania N112DR (United Kingdom)

3 Series
Scania K93CLB
Scania K93CRB (Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore)
Scania K113CLB (Austria, Hong Kong, Hungary)
Scania K113CRB (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore)

Scania K113TRB
Scania L113CRB (Australia, Singapore)
Scania L113CRL (Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom)
Scania L113CRL-CNG
Scania N113CRB (Singapore, United Kingdom)
Scania N113CRL (United Kingdom)
Scania N113DRB (Hong Kong, United Kingdom)

4 Series
Scania CL94UB (Netherlands)
Scania CN94UA (Sweden, United Kingdom)
Scania CN94UB (United Kingdom)
Scania K94IB 4X2 (Hong Kong)
Scania K94UB 6X2 (Hong Kong)
Scania K114EB 4X2
Scania K114IB 4X2
Scania K124EB 6X2 (Hong Kong, New Zealand)
Scania K124IB 4X2 (Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Singapore,  Spain)
Scania K124IB 6X2
Scania L94IB 4X2 (Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates)

Scania L94UA (Australia)
Scania L94UB 4X2 (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom)
Scania N94UB 4X2 (United Kingdom)
Scania N94UD 4X2 OmniDekka (United Kingdom)

After 4 Series
Scania CN230UB (United Kingdom)
Scania K230UB (Hong Kong, Singapore)
Scania K280IB 4X2
Scania K280UD 6X2 (Hong Kong)
Scania K310IB 4X2
Scania K310UD (Hong Kong, Singapore)
Scania K380EB 4X2 (Singapore)
Scania K380IB 4X2 (Hong Kong, Singapore)
Scania K420EB 4X2 (Malta)
Scania K420EB 6X2 (Singapore)
Scania N230UD (Malta)

Other models
Scania DAB Midicity (Australia)
Scania Delta Mini (Russia)

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