Scania L113CRL

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In 1996, Trans Island Bus Services purchased a batch of Elbo bodied non-airconditioned Scania L113CRLs. Then they also bought some air-conditioned ones with Alexander Strider bodies. All the buses have been converted to air-conditioned buses.

In Australia, State Transit Authority of New South Wales also operate this kind of bus, but they have local bodies.

Specifications (TIBS L113CRLs):
Chassis type: L113CRL
Chassis configuration: rear-engined platform type
Length (mm): 11950
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 2960
Overhang front (mm): 2465
Overhang rear (mm): 3160
Gross vehicle weight (kg): 19100
Turning circle (mm): 22000
Engine Type: DSC1171
Passenger capacity: B45D+29
Total capacity: 74


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