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Hong Kong
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Abria Volan Rt K124IBs (1 page)

Union K124IBs (1 page)

Luisi K124IBs (1 page)

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Cancu Supreme Travel K124IBs (1 page)
Koptaco K124IBs (1 page)

K124IBs in Gozo (1 page)

Van Der Valk Tours K124IBs (1 page)

AMG Tours K124IBs (1 page)
Funvee Bus K124IB (1 page)

WTS Travel K124IBs (1 page)

Flomarsan K124IBs (1 page)

Turicar K124IBs (1 page)

K124IBs of miscellaneous operators (1 page)

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The K124IB4X2 was a long distance luxury coach.

In the XIII NAM Conference in 2003, the Foreign Ministry of Malaysia offered bus service for the senior government officials of participant countries. They are K124IB chassis fitted with MTrans body of Malaysia.


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