Scania K94UB 6X2


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Developed from 1996 to 1998, the 4-series bus chassis replaced the old 3-series. The L94UB, which is described in separate entry, is an earlier bus chassis developed in the series. K94UB is the double-deck derivative of this chassis.

Developed in 2000, the K94UB is a product of Australia. It is a demonstrator presented to Citybus of Hong Kong, and that is the only K94UB in the world. This Volgren CR224L-bodied bus has received fleet no. 2800. It is the first bus with Euro III engine in the fleet. It became an exhibit of 2nd UITP Asia/Pacific City Transport Exhibition in October 2000. Before it was shipped to Hong Kong by the vessel TALABOT, there were test drives by various operators in Sydney.

After it arrived Hong Kong on 26 September 2001, the bus was repainted to the livery as shown at the top of this page by Citybus. Inspections and tilt tests were carried out from late October 2001 to early November 2001. The bus is entering service in the near future.

Chassis type: K94UB6x2/4
Length (m): 12.0
Width (m): 2.5
Height (m): 4.4
Body make: Volgren
Body model: CR224LD
Window type: Fixed
Brakes Type: All Round Disc Brakes
Handbrake type: Spring
Interior lighting: Fluorescent
Destination Equipment: Electronic
Suspension Type: Electronic level controlling air-bellows
Engine type: Scania DSC9-02, Euro III
Engine position: Rear Vertical
Engine Capacity: 9 litres
Number of Cylinders: 6
Power (kW) at (RPM): 223/1900
Torque (Nm) at (RPM): 1250/1200
Transmission Type:
ZF 5HP592C NBS 5-speed automatic transmission
Airconditioner: Nippondenso

Passenger capacity: B91D+1WCH


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