Scania L94UB

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Hong Kong
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New Hong Kong Bus China Kong
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United Kingdom
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First Group Wright bodied L94UBs (2 pages)
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Thamesdown Transport Limited Wright bodied L94UBs (1 page)
Trent Motor Traction Company Limited Wright bodied L94UBs (1 page)

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Singapore Bus Services bought one L94UB with Volgren body in 1999.

Specifications (SBS L94UB):
Width:2,500 mm
Height: 3,000mm
Wheelbase:6000 mm
Engine:DC901 6 cylinders in line (Euro 3)
Displacement: 8.97 litres
Power: 230hp @ 1900 rpm
Torque:1122Nm @ 1100 rpm
Transmission: ZF4HP502
Tires: 275/70R22.5


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